Newsletter - June 2020

  • Greetings in the Lord Jesus:

    Who can deny that 2020 has been a complicated and trying year?  We have seen unrest in our government with the impeachment trials, a ‘global pandemic,’ and now riots and protests are abounding.  There are two ways that we can look at this.  One, we can live in fear and allow the circumstances of the world to dictate how we live our lives, and we can react.  Two, we can live boldly in Christ and change the circumstances of the world around us, by being proactive and pursuing God’s glory.  If the Church chooses the latter, we will be partakers of a revival that touches the whole world.  

    The quarantines and the lockdowns have caused us all to adjust our course, and that’s ok.  I had a dream and a goal to start twelve home churches this year in our region of North Texas.  We were on track in the first quarter with three footholds that were taking roots, and then we were forced out by the law.  So now we are adjusting our course.  Even though churches were closed and people were not gathering in public, we continued to hold outdoor worship meetings at our Farm, where people could practice social distancing and still partake of communal worship.  This created in us a desire to continue to challenge the status quo.

  • After the City

    Lincoln, NE

    This brings us to what God has put in front of us in Lincoln.  Since we served in Nebraska last year with Radiant Church, Amanda and I have had a great desire to reach this city.  About six weeks ago while I was in prayer and seeking God for direction, I began to have a desire to see an open air worship service like we had at the farm.  After a few days of seeking and asking, God began to reveal to me that we needed to have a Jesus Street Fair.  This will be an experience that is available to anyone in the downtown Lincoln area, the first week of school at UNL.  There will be continuous live worship for twelve hours, and people will be able to see different expressions of the Holy Spirit in prophetic painting, healing ministry, apologetics, etc.  We expect this event to be a catalyst for revival in Lincoln.  For this ministry endeavor we are expecting 3,000 or more people to attend and get touched by the love of Jesus.

    While we are planning for the event and preparing our team of local churches, musicians, and ministers, we will be making two more trips (we have already made one) to Nebraska.  The venue alone is $4,000, and we anticipate that with advertising and production we will need to raise around $20k.  This may seem like a large number, but broken down that means that we only need 200 people to donate $100.  We have currently raised $2,000 and made the deposit, so we are rapidly reaching our goals.  On top of this, we are also continuing to support Radiant Church in any way that we can and I have begun holding open air meetings to preach the Gospel when we are in town.  We are asking our partners to pray about contributing to this event which we are calling “After the City.” 

  • The Farm

    As many of you know, God has supernaturally provided us with this farm in North  Central Texas.  Initially we were so happy just to have a place to call home, where could raise our children and relax while taking off from ministry.  Over the last couple of years however, we have learned that God’s gift to us, will be our gift to Him.  We want to use this land for His glory and for His purposes.  So over the next five years, we have a desire to turn this land into a farm that provides for some of the poor and indigent here in Young County, and we also want to turn this property into a discipleship training facility.

    This means that once or twice per year, we want to bring in missionaries and ministers who have a desire to grow in the prophetic and apostolic ministries, where we can pour into them the dream of Kingdom Transformation, and send them back to their respective countries and communities.  This is a big task and will require careful prayer and consideration of how to streamline the operation and make it work efficiently.  The idea is that missionaries and church planters can come here for three months to learn how to plant churches and start cultural transformation centers in their indigenous lands.  They will come during the farming season and learn agricultural techniques and progressive strategies to be a blessing to their communities, and to further the Gospel in the process.  We are just beginning to connect with some other ministries that perform similar tasks, and that are willing to help us grow in the technical side of things, while we develop the farm and prepare for this to begin.  

    Our current needs for the farm, are a tractor (at least 35 HP) and a farm truck.  These will enable us to begin the development process, which we hope to have complete within the next few seasons.  When we have a tractor, the work will go fast.  We are also interested in any volunteers who may have a desire to help with the development of this ministry.

    This is obviously something that may start very slowly, but within a few years, I believe that God will honor our efforts and it will begin to affect entire regions, both in the U.S. and overseas.  

  • Family, School and Personal

    At home, my amazing wife Amanda and the kids are doing very well.  The Coronavirus has made very little  impact on how we live our lives.  We were already homeschooling our kids, so they did not miss any school, and we have been blessed with health.  God has also provided us with a newer car, which is big enough for us and our children and we are so thankful for this provision.  God bless those of you who gave and helped in this.  

    I also recently graduated from Global Awakening Theological Seminary with Masters of Divinity degree, with a 3.99.  This is something that I have worked very hard at, and I must say that I am glad to be finished for a few months.  Yes, I said a few months.  

    Because I am now working to build Bible colleges and am beginning to have influence with global leaders (both in the secular and Christian world), God has challenged me to complete school and complete a PhD in Biblical Organizational Leadership.  If everything goes well, I will begin this doctorate work in January.  Please pray for me and with me in this.  It will require a tremendous amount of work and dedication to get this done, but I have assurance that the Father will see me through.  We also need some of you to carefully consider helping us with the tuition and some of the costs that are associated with this endeavor.  What is also unique, is that The Lord has led me to do my studies and my dissertation on the work that I have already been doing around the world.  This will enable me to continue working at planting churches and creating cultural transformers around the world, while completing the doctoral work.  

    Finally, we are delving into podcasting.  In the last newsletter, I mentioned that we were starting this, and I discovered quickly that I needed a quiet place in order to get this off of the ground.  Well God has provided that quiet place.  One of our faithful partners has donated the funds that were necessary for me to secure a shipping container and renovate it to make it my office and studio.  I am currently in the process of renovating, and am looking forward to getting the studio up and running.  We still need a few hundred dollars to get everything done, but I am confident that it will come.  

  • Conclusion

    We are so thankful for all of you who have believed in us, and have supported us with you prayer and finances.   I would have never guessed five years ago that God would use me in the ways that I am being used, but we are excited and continuing to say “Yes.”  Now, more than ever before, the world needs bold and convinced believers, who live in supernatural power and walk in intimacy with Jesus.  We are dedicated to giving our lives to answer the call to do whatever is in our ability to make this happen.  We are asking for your support.  We do request that you consider supporting One Bread Ministries with your finances and with your prayers.  We can not do this alone, and we know that God is bringing more and more people into our lives to help us in what we are doing.  So thank you to all of you who have stood with us thus far.  You are partakers of the fruit of this ministry.  Amanda and I love you, and you can’t change that.  Blessings and Shalom to all of you.  Jesus is King!!

    Bryan Bivens

    President, One Bread Ministries International